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Build with Confidence: Hire a Graduate Master Builder

Looking for an experienced builder to handle your project in the Tyler, East Texas Area? Consider hiring KJ Homes by Kyle Johns, a Graduate Master Builder (GMB).

The ultimate symbol of a building professional, the GMB designation is for seasoned builders, like KJ Homes by Kyle Johns, with at least 10 years of experience. Recipients must complete a demanding curriculum of building industry courses to receive this title.

Quality workmanship, knowledge and experience matter, especially when building your home.

Choosing a building professional in Tyler, Texas with a designation can help ensure you are hiring a home builder who is committed to their craft by learning—and continuing to stay up-to-date on—the latest technology, building methods and business practices. Through the National Association of Home Builders, KJ Homes by Kyle Johns earned the professional designation as a Graduate Master Builder (GMB) and Certified Green Professional™ (CGP).

Why Choose KJ Homes

In the home building profession, there are new building codes every three years, in addition to new energy, fire, plumbing, electrical and mechanical codes that are constantly being revised and upgraded not just in Tyler, TX but all over the United States. We have learned the codes that apply to our specific state, counties, municipalities, and cities we work in and take them into consideration when building your new home.

We're committed to education; we must complete a series of relevant courses covering topics such as building technology, project management, energy efficiency and safety to increase our industry knowledge. In addition to these required courses, we stay current by investing in continuing education to keep abreast of the latest building techniques and emerging industry trends -- and to maintain our active designations!

We have signed our respective Code of Ethics, signifying our commitment to excellence.

We are a building professional in Tyler, Texas with a designation that has taken the time to go in-depth into a specific building area of interest.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

KJ Homes by Kyle Johns is a Certified Green Professional (CGP) who will help you get the best bang for your buck on an energy-efficient project. We are committed to the idea of “greening” a home affordably and are trained in choosing products and practices for greater energy efficiency, indoor and outdoor water conservation, preserving indoor environmental quality, and identifying and choosing sustainable building products and materials.

We are a professional builder in Tyler, Texas who can help you cut through the confusion of the hundreds of new products that come on the market each year to make your home better and your life easier. We know what the newest materials and techniques are, where to get them, and how to use them. Our work will not only impact you today, but will have great effects on your quality of life down the road as well.

We understand that combining good, cost-effective building science with the right products and materials can help create a home that’s healthier and more efficient—while being kind to the environment.

Building a new home can be a huge investment into a place your family will make memories and grow in for many years. It only makes sense to select KJ Homes by Kyle Johns, a professional with superior training, real-world experience and in-depth knowledge of your area of need.

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